Life can be difficult and hard to navigate sometimes, thus we need help, oft times, to both gain and regain

our strength and our resilience. And, one way that I’ve found we can re-take our strength and become our strongest self, is to answer the call that God has placed on our life.




I’m so delighted that you stopped by. I’d like to share a bit about myself, in hopes that you’ll understand more of who I am and what I’m here to do.  Alright, with that said, let’s go and let’s get into it. Hi, my name is Onita P. I am a Texas native, born and raised. I’ve been a teacher for the past 25 years. I’ve been fortunate enough to obtain a Bachelors degree in Sociology and a Masters in Teacher Leadership. I’ve taught all grade levels from grade pre-k 4, to kindergarten, to 6th-8th grade and even high school, grades 9th-12th…

As stated, per this site, John 12:24-26, gives us one way we can do just this, where it states: verily,

verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat falls into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.  Thus, the meaning of “Less a Seed Falls to the Ground,” unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed, but if it dies, “it produces many seeds”

In other words, in order to generate/regenerate life, a seed, must die and give up its contents, in order to support what’s to come, many more seeds. And, as such, it is here where real life considerations need to be made about the direction and purpose of our lives. Will your life be your own? Will your seed be your own, to/for yourself? Will you render your gift[s] to serve? Or, are you bound to your own agenda? Or, are you willing to let it, your seed, your own agenda, die out, for the greater good?

If you’ve come to this site and stayed on this far, chances are, you are interested in talking to someone and taking action to answer the call you decern is on your life. You most likely just need a little support and help.

If this is you, I want you to know that my support service[s] are available. My desire is to helpmentor/coach you thru any obstructive issues, that you perceives been stopping you. 

Still and all, nonetheless, before you consider moving forward, please note that in order for coaching and mentoring to be effective, the process has to be a two way street. It takes a cooperative effort by both the person receiving support and the one giving support. And it takes a commitment to making changes in certain behaviors and/or thinking patterns, ultimately. In essence, it is going to be necessary to identify as quickly as possible what you see as your focus and what you’d like to achieve, at this time, as part of your journey.








One who is focused on a specific issue. This is especially good if you’re doing great in life, but you need to process through a random situation that’s popped up
One who is maintaining where they’re at right now, but, may desire to make some  improvements, in a few areas, in order to do a bit  better  
Or, possibly, one who’s at a crossroad and you need a sounding board to sort thru a few things in order to make some sound decisions  





Anyone can benefit from a 45 minute session

This may be best for a first session
Here, lots of details can be  shared, without an early session wrap up, without rushing thru what you feel are important points,without running out of time and most importantly without leaving you to feel unheard
This allows me to get a greater background on your story, your issue[s], your  goal[s]
A 45 minute session may also help you if you’ve  been facing a standing challenge and you’d like to find some new ways to help
you advance





60 minutes, this is the length that’s most
common,  as it allows individuals  to go in-depth and to cover more ground
This session allows processing time. It allows more time for us to bring things together and pull things apart
This session also means that we are able to make a “full circle” during our time together, with the deepest work in the middle of our session.
60 minutes may allow you to get un-stuck and get moving, more quickly, in areas
where you’ve been stagnant 
And, this length session, it may also help you to see  progress and change in a more expedient amount of time, over time

If you are a person of few words, or if you are nervous about booking a session, thoughts of a 60 minute conference may feel like torture! Ain’’t nobody got time for more anxiety. Grab a shorter session and we’ll ease in slowly!

The Struggle is Real

At the time of this site build, I am 50 years old.

Now, while it’s impossible for me, to go back over all the impactful events and nuances of my life, that’s powered me and shaped me, thus far, nor of any consequence, I do want to let you know that within this journey, I’ve had some notably concrete ups and downs, some of which, caused me, at points in time, to have strong bouts of self doubt and made me chronically wonder about Gods calling on

my life.

As such, it is within this most recent time, that the scripture__ John 12:24, KJV: Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the

ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit was given to me, whereby the gist of this particular passage is using a parable to show, as stated, ‘ He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal,’ this simply meaning, in laymen’s terms, we have to be willing to put to death our own personal plans and agendas, i.e., die to self, in order to bring forth more fruit, in other words, in order to do something for the greater good, our life can’t be our own, it must be a living sacrifice unto the Lord. OK, now, before I continue, here, let me share with you just ‘a few’ very real things that

I’ve gone thru:


I’ve had self doubt and many personal insecurities for most of my life, being somewhat of a people pleaser in some settings and rejected in other settings, mostly by those I thought close to me.


I’ve had strong bouts of anxiety and spiritual attacks of depression and wonders of worthiness


I’ve almost died twice, once almost needing a colostomy bag because my bowls had locked up, my body could no longer process and relieve food.


I’ve had towalk away from relationships, amongst close friends and family, and leave them behind, as in totally out of my life, as it became more necessary in order for me to gain more strength and become more fortified in who and what God would have me be.


I’ve lost a large chunk of money in a bad invest before, and have struggled to pay bills just in simple day to day living/life.   


As a parent Ifailed one of my sons when he needed me the most. He was my more outgoing, strongwilled child, alpha male. He was so lost, angry and broken after his father died.  Consequently, even to this day he carries certain scars and burdens that only God can heal. As a child and young adult, myself, I too was abandoned emotionally by my mother—she was cold, hard-hearted, mean spirited, self-righteous and indifferent.  

If you desire to be obedient to the one who’s omnipotent, the time is now. 

I am here to help you optimize your opportunity’s, orient your mind, operate according to specific goals, move onward despite setbacks, overcome any overthinking, organize you’re stewarding, outlast the nay sayers, scoffers and mockers, opt for a more righteous path, offer your gifts, take a

look at all the open-possibilities, bring back into focus your lifes original objective, all, with an overbrimming joy, giving our God full ownership of your life.  

Check out what clients say

Onitai s prompt, professional and accommodating to my needs. He’s fun to work with and has always been able to address my concerns ”

Tash L

“These guys were able to fix an issue I’ve had for years. Super friendly staff would definitely recommend it.”


“Wonderful experience throughout the entire appointment and process! Extremely high level of professionalism and I’m grateful to have seen Ali for treatment! Already booked my next session!”

Casey M,

“Friendly, knowledgable, and all-around great service!”

Lassy Chester,

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